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Shift for Teams pricing and subscriptions

**This article walks through pricing, purchasing, renewal date, and subscription management for Shift for Teams. Continue reading for details about each, below! 👇** ## **Shift for Teams pricing** Standard Shift for Teams pricing [**can be found here.**][1] If you're part of a non-profit/charity organization, studen…

What is the difference between free and paid plans in Shift?

**This article outlines all the feature differences in our Free and Advanced plans. If you need some clarification, this article is for you!** Check out the handy summary below that highlights the differences between Free (Basic), and Paid (Advanced/Teams) subscriptions in Shift. > **Check our latest pricing for eac…

Subscription Terms & Conditions Policy FAQ

When you purchase any subscription to Shift, you agree to Shift's [**Subscription Terms & Conditions.**][1] Read on for answers to some frequently asked questions about pricing, payment options, receipts, renewals, how to manage your subscription, and refund info. 💰 ## **How much is Shift?** Find the latest **[prici…

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