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Shift 3.3.4- Released 2019-01-07

# Shift 3.3 ## ## _**Bug**_ **Shopify Error in Shift ** **Resolved**: When attempting to add Shopify accounts to Shift, users were confronted with an alert to "update to the newest version of Chrome” error. This issue has been resolved to allow Shopify to be added and accessed in Shift as expected.

Shift 3.8.1 - Released 2019-07-09

A recent login issue with Google has been resolved. If you were seeing the following error, please follow the steps below: ![][1] 1. Open Shift 2. Make sure you are running the Shift Stable version. > If you are a Beta user who is logged out of Shift, you can download a fresh copy of Shift [here.][2] > > Check …

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