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Shift 2.9.4 - Released 2018-05-25

Since the release of Shift 2.9.0 on May 4, 2018, several performances were reported by Shift users. These issues affected the responsiveness of Shift with a portion of users reporting lagging issues when composing and scrolling through emails. Shift developers were able to deploy a partial fix with the release of 2.…

Shift 3.6 - Released 2019-04-25

# **Updates** **Performance Enhancements** To make Shift more responsive to your machine’s RAM and processing power, we have introduced a smarter hibernation mode. Shift will take into account your machine’s specifications and use these to set hibernation mode limits, so you don’t have to. Based on the amount of RAM…

Performance optimization

Below are a few steps you can follow to help ensure Shift continues to run optimally. These tips can help address common issues that can sometimes make Gmail, apps, and other features in Shift slow. ## **Auto-Hibernate setting** We've added an Auto-Hibernate feature to Shift that keeps the RAM usage of Shift low. Au…

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