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How to use the Mute Notifications tool (Shift v8)

The Mute Notifications tool has been carried over to v8 from v7 and allows you to: * Temporarily disable email, calendar, and app notifications (or a select combination of the 3) * Temporarily mute notification and playback sounds * Automatically mute notifications when you're in a meeting (detects via your ema…

How to manage camera, microphone, screen sharing, and other permissions (Shift v8)

Wondering how to customize the camera, microphone, notification, and other permissions for Shift v8? In Shift v8, you can control and customize permissions for all the items you've added to your sidebar. Continue reading for our quick guide to permissions😎 ## **How to manage permissions in Shift v8** Your permission…

How to manage notifications (Shift v8)

Learn how to manage desktop and sound notifications in Shift v8. You can use the site settings within each account to set your notification and other preferences. Note that you can't yet turn off badges for certain apps and emails added to your sidebar. Continue reading for how to manage notifications in Shift v8. 🔇 …

Unusual characters and styling for Windows notifications

## **Issue Summary 📄** If you're a Windows user, you may have noticed that sometimes your calendar notifications appear in an unusual format, with some unusual characters along the top. This can also sometimes happen in certain apps like Skype. **Fear not! This is merely a naming issue **that produces random charact…

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