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Shift 7.2.3 - Released 2021-10-06

Shiver Me Timbers! 💀⛵ Another patch has been released! 7.2.3 has fixed a nagging issue, this time for Windows users: ## **Bugs Fixed 🐛🔨** * The top menu bar is missing for Windows users after updating to 7.2.2. ## **Let us know what you think! 💡** If you have any feedback about the latest Shift version, we'd lov…

Tips for customizing your sidebar

Your sidebar is where everything lives! Customize the photos and colors displayed for your emails, add helpful descriptions, and change the style of the sidebar itself. Check out our quick tips below to make your sidebar work for you! 🤩 ## **How to change your sidebar style** Shift has three options for your sidebar…

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