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Can I use my Office 365 account in Shift?

Yes! We love Office 365 and welcome all your accounts with open arms. > Office 365 accounts can be added to Shift Basic and Advanced accounts. ![][1] Office 365 email accounts can be added just like your Gmail and other accounts to Shift on the sidebar. ![][2] ### Can I add my Office 365 email as the …

How do I reset my password?

When you first signed up with Shift, you picked one of your existing email accounts to be your primary in Shift. That email address, and it’s password, are how you’ll always login to your Shift account. We refer to that first account as your primary email because in most cases users end up adding more email accounts …

How to change your primary monitor

In Shift, the app switcher feature is made to function on your primary monitor. This means, that when you are using the Shift app switcher, you will need Shift open in your primary monitor. If you only use one screen, that will automatically act as your primary monitor. However, if you use multiple monitors or scre…

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