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Does Shift have a Student Discount?

At this time we do not offer a Shift student discount. As an alternative, you can get a year of Shift Advanced for **FREE** by getting 5 friends to download and install. For a referral to be considered activated and complete, this is what your friends need to do: 1. Copy the referral link into a browser. 2. Click …

Shift 2.7.1 - Released 2018-03-16

**Bug Fixes** ** ** Resolved: Shift will automatically launch on every computer restart, even if the user has turned off auto-launch. * Shift will now register when a user has disabled auto-launch. ** ** Resolved: Shift does not sync all the user’s email contacts who could be contacted when sending referrals. …

Why aren't my referrals working?

Are you having issues with your referrals registering in your account? Your friends and colleagues may need to follow these steps to help you get your referral bonuses: 1. Copy the referral link into a browser. 2. Click download when the page loads. 3. Now they will see a prompt for an email address. They enter the…

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