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Shift 5.0.89 - Released 2020-10-02

Happy October! We are excited to share that Shift V5.0.89 has been released to the Stable Channel. To see what updates and bug fixes have been made for this release please see below. # Updates * A scroll bar feature has been added for macOS users to ensure you are able to scroll on all pages inside of Shift. # Bu…

Shift 2.5.1- Released 2018-01-17

**Bug Fixes:** Resolved: The error message “ Oops.. the system encountered a problem (#500)” occurs for some Gmail users. * This error would appear as an alert when attempting to perform certain actions in Gmail using Shift. This issue has been resolved with this release and functionality is restored. * **If yo…

Shift 2.6 - Released 2018-02-02

Happy February! Shift 2.6 was released today, and we have some exciting new updates and bug fixes to announce. **Bug Fixes** Resolved: Clicking the button to view an email thread in a new window does nothing. * Users can now open a unique Shift window for email threads by clicking on the “In New Window” button on…

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