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Shift 2.9 - Released 2018-05-04

It’s May, Shift Bosses! To start the month off right, we’re bringing you a new and improved version of Shift, right to your desktop. ## **Bug Fixes** Resolved: The unread email badge shows the wrong number of unread emails. * Shift users will now see the correct number of unread emails in the unread email badge o…

Shift 3.9 - Released 2019-08-07

Shift 3.9 has arrived! Check below for the latest updates and bug fixes. ## Updates ### Shift 4.0 Alpha Channel The Shift 4.0 channel is now available to a select group of our users. If you would like to apply to try out the Alpha channel, refer to [this article here. ][1] ### New Applications The following appl…

Shift 2.2 - Released 2017-11-30

**Bug Fixes** Resolved: Notification bug. * Mac users were receiving double email notifications and Windows 10 users were receiving notifications for accounts that had “Show Notifications” disabled. ** ** Resolved: PDF print bug. * When attempting to print PDF files from Shift, users received an Error 403 (Fo…

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