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How to remove Sent with Shift

Wondering how to remove Sent with Shift from your email signature? With a paid Shift subscription, this setting gets turned off automatically (you may just need to refresh your inbox - press _**Ctrl Shift R **_or _**Cmd Shift R**_ on your keyboard to do that). If you're a free user of Shift, Sent with Shift cannot be …

How to access your paid features if you're suddenly asked to upgrade

**Unexpectedly being prompted to upgrade even though you've already paid for a Shift subscription or are part of a team? Read our quick tips below on steps you can take to regain access to your paid features! 🚀** ## **When you might be prompted to upgrade** There are a few scenarios when you'll likely be prompted to…

What is the difference between free and paid plans in Shift?

**This article outlines all the feature differences between our Free and Advanced plans. If you need some clarification, this article is for you!** Check out the handy summary below that highlights the differences between Free (Basic), and Paid (Advanced/Teams) subscriptions in Shift. Please note that prices are USD.…

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