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How to fix Keyboard shortcut issues in Shift

**Are you having issues with your keyboard shortcuts in your Shift?** This article outlines a few troubleshooting tips that can resolve any keyboard shortcut issues in Shift. Continue reading below 🤓 ## **1. Update to the latest version of Shift**** ⬆** Ensure you’re running the latest version of Shift. To update,**…

How to use the Quick Switcher

**Need some help navigating between tabs? This article will teach you the ins and outs of our new quick switcher! ** The Quick Switcher is a feature new to v8 that allows you to revert back to any previously opened app or web tab. This browsing tool makes multitasking easier and puts context-switching between apps an…

How to use keyboard shortcuts

**Shift has its own list of custom keyboard shortcuts. These keyboard shortcuts are built right into Shift and cannot be customized or disabled. This article covers the complete list of keyboard shortcuts in Shift, including how to use app or email-specific keyboard shortcuts. 💻** ## **How to use app or email-specifi…

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