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How to Exclude Calendars and Drives from Unified Search

Some events and documents are more important than others. This is why we created the ability to exclude those less important events and files from your unified search. ### To exclude calendars and drives from your unified search please follow these steps: 1. Open Shift and click on the search icon in the top left co…

How to Exclude Certain Accounts from Unified Search

Unified Search also offers advanced search options to drill down your search even further. ### To exclude certain Accounts from your search 1. Open Shift and click on the search icon in the top left corner (above your primary Shift account) 2. Click on the down arrow on the right side of the search bar 3. Select w…

Navigating Shift and switching among Emails, Apps, Workspaces, and Web Tabs

Shift offers various features to enhance your productivity while you are working such as Keyboard Shortcuts, an App Switcher, and Unified Search. These features ensure that you are able to stay focused while navigating across your Emails and Apps. ## **Unified Search** Unified Search allows you to view contents from…

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