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Submitting a Bug Report

Have you recently identified something in Shift that isn't working as expected? Follow the steps below to ensure that the Customer Support team can identify the issue quickly and effectively. > **Before submitting a ticket to the Shift Customer Success team, take a look at our list of [Known Issues ][1]which entails …

Shift 6.0.47 - Released 2020-12-02

Shift 6.047 has been launched to the Stable channel. This stable release contains imperative performance updates and Shift's very own Password Manager along with other exciting features! ## Introducing Shift's Password Manager Import your passwords into Shift from your browser(s) or an existing password manager to m…

Shift 2.3.1 - Released 2017-12-08

**Bug Fixes** Resolved: Shift would display a blank grey screen when memory was constrained on Windows 7 and Windows 10. * Windows 7 and 10 users were experiencing a blank window in certain Shift windows. This bug has been resolved to ensure all windows in Shift load as expected. Resolved: Any changes made to Set…

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