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What to do if your Vault Password shows as invalid (v7 legacy)

## **Issue Summary šŸ“„** There is currently a known issue where some users are randomly being prompted to enter their vault password. When entering the vault password, an "invalid" error message is delivered. In some cases, saved passwords cannot be accessed after entering the vault password. ![][1] ## **Status: Fix ā€¦

Destroying your password Vault (v7 legacy)

Destroying your password Vault in Shift removes your passwords saved in your list and also removes your encrypted password data from Shift's servers. Destroying your Vault effectively wipes all your password data and will be as if you're starting new! It goes without saying that **destroying your password Vault is a pā€¦

What do if you're unexpectedly being prompted to enter your vault password (v7 legacy)

If you're unexpectedly promoted to enter your Vault Password [**(wondering what A Vault Password even is? Read here).**][1] out of the blue and are wondering why you've come to the right place for answers! šŸ’” Below are a few cases of when and why you might be prompted to enter your Vault Password: 1. There's been a ā€¦

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