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How to Exclude Calendars and Drives from Unified Search

Some events and documents are more important than others. This is why we created the ability to exclude those less important events and files from your unified search. ### To exclude calendars and drives from your unified search please follow these steps: 1. Open Shift and click on the search icon in the top left co…

How do I open Drive files in a new Shift window?

Shift users can now open their Drive files in a new Shift window! To do this, head into Settings, General, and toggle on "Open Google Docs in Shift". This will open all your Drive files in a new Shift window. Please note you will need to toggle this button on for each Shift account you have.

Which Google Services does Shift support?

In addition to Mail, Shift currently supports Google Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Contacts, Photos, Adwords, Analytics, Keep, Hangouts, Adsense, and Google Admin. If you'd like your Drive files to open within Shift head over to Settings > Accounts and toggle on "Open Google Docs in Shift". This will open al…

How to between multiple Google Drive accounts

Switching between different Google Drive accounts has never been easier with Shift. Here is how: ## To switch between Google Drive accounts: ### Mac 1. Select the Google Drive Account you wish to view in the left-hand taskbar > _Keyboard shortcut: Alt + Cmd + Down/Up Arrow_ 2. Click on the Drive tab on the top ri…

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