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What to do if your payment attempt fails

If you are trying to pay for Shift and your payment fails, we are here for you! Shift uses **[Stripe][1]** for its payment platform. Payments can fail for a variety of reasons. See our list of quick tips below: 1. Make sure you are using an accepted payment method (i.e. Visa, Mastercard, American Express). Shift do…

How to find your receipt for your purchase of Shift

**Can't find your Shift receipt? Keep reading for tips on where you can locate it! Need a custom invoice created? Find that information here too! ** After you upgrade to a paid version of Shift or whenever your annual subscription renews, you'll automatically receive a copy of your receipt from [][1…

Subscription Terms & Conditions Policy FAQ

When you purchase any subscription to Shift, you agree to Shift's [**Subscription Terms & Conditions.**][1] Read on for answers to some frequently asked questions about pricing, payment options, receipts, renewals, how to manage your subscription, and refund info. 💰 ## **How much is Shift?** Find the latest **[prici…

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