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What to do if you're having an issue with an extension in Shift

Having an issue logging into one of Shift's [**supported extensions**][1]? Don't worry! **We have 5 quick tips** to help you get up and running. Check them out below 👇: > **Having trouble with HubSpot? [Check out this article!][2]** ## **1. Make sure you use the extension icon to log into the extension** Always use…

Gitlab login issue

## **Issue Summary 📄** When trying to access the GitLab in Shift, either through the app or through a web tab, the page gets stuck on a "Checking your browser" page and never loads to the login page: ![][1] ## **Status: Fixed: Available on Beta7.2.1 **✅ A fix is available on our latest** Beta channel, 7.2.1.** To …

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