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How to leave a Workspace

If you are finished using a Workspace, you can "leave" the Workspace and it will no longer show up in your Shift sidebar or in your hidden Workspaces list. Leaving a Workspace means that the Workspace is still in use by other collaborators who share the Workspace with you, but it no longer shows up in your Shift accou…

How to delete an account from your setup

To delete an email, app, or workspace from your sidebar in Shift, just right- click on what you want to remove and select "Delete." After you delete the item, your setup will be saved! > **Note: you can't delete your [Primary Shift Account ][1]or a [Workspace you aren't the admin of.][2]** ![][3] * * * ## **What's…

How to delete a Workspace

If you are the Admin of a Workspace and no longer need it, you can delete it. > **Only the Admin can delete the Workspace. Collaborators with View or Edit access to the Workspace cannot delete Workspaces.** ## ## How to delete a Workspace 1. Open Shift and locate the Workspace you wish to delete in your Shift si…

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