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How to transfer to a team from individual accounts

Do multiple members of your organization have individually paid Shift accounts? Want a better way to manage and keep track of your team members? Looking for a better way to streamline your expense management and billing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or ever had a similar sentiment, then Shift for Tea…

Shift for Teams features

Welcome! We're so happy you're considering Shift for your team 😍 Shift for Teams is our enterprise subscription plan, that provides a few additional perks above and beyond Shift Advanced for individuals. With Shift for Teams, you gain access to different roles and permissions, streamlined billing, and an easy-to-use …

How to remove and replace a team member

Moving team members around can be done easily through the Shift for Teams dashboard. 😄 > **Note: Only the team Admin can remove existing team members, and invite new members. ** 1. Go to Options (lower left) > Settings > Teams. You will see a list of your team members in the dashboard 2. Delete the member from t…

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