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How to make the switch from Wunderlist to Microsoft ToDo in Shift

Wunderlist launches the new Microsoft ToDo application on May 6th, 2020. With this new launch, Wunderlist is discontinuing the Wunderlist application and moving all functionality over to Microsoft ToDo. If you use Wunderlist in Shift, there is an easy way to import your data to Microsoft ToDo. ## How to switch from…

Does Shift have a Unified Inbox Feature?

Having a unified inbox is a great way to combine your workflows. At the moment, Shift does not support the ability to combine your inboxes. ### Vote on the Future of Shift If you'd like to see a unified inbox feature in Shift, you can send in your[ feature vote here!][1] Your vote helps us prioritize the future fe…

Can I use my Office 365 account in Shift?

Yes! We love Office 365 and welcome all your accounts with open arms. > Office 365 accounts can be added to Shift Basic and Advanced accounts. ![][1] Office 365 email accounts can be added just like your Gmail and other accounts to Shift on the sidebar. ![][2] ### Can I add my Office 365 email as the …

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