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Shift for Teams features

Welcome! We're so happy you're considering Shift for your team 😍 Shift for Teams is our enterprise subscription plan, that provides a few additional perks above and beyond Shift Advanced for individuals. With Shift for Teams, you gain access to different roles and permissions, streamlined billing, and an easy-to-use …

Getting Started with Shift for Teams

Whether you're a solo entrepreneur, startup, or a global enterprise, Shift for Teams is the plan for you! A Shift for Teams subscription plan offers all the same features as a Shift Advanced subscription plan for individuals, but with a few additional perks: * View roles and permissions * Unified billing * Easy…

Shift for Teams pricing and subscriptions

Shift for Teams offers an easier way to manage your team's subscriptions to Shift. Each team Admin has access to a Teams Dashboard directly in Shift to purchase additional licenses and manage existing licenses and the members who fill them ✨ > [_**To learn about how to set up a new Team, check out this article.**_][1…

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