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How to Clear your History on Shift

We take privacy and security seriously at Shift. In fact, it is our number one priority. Most of your data is stored locally on your computer, this includes your browser history, cache, logs, session storage, cookies, etc. The small amount of information we send from the client to our servers is hosted using AWS (Am…

Cannot Communicate with the Shift Server

Sadly, sometimes computers have issues syncing with the Shift server. As a result, you will receive an error message titled** "Cannot Communicate with the Shift Server"**. In the event of a server error, the response body will contain an error phrase. In all cases, the cause of this message can be found by clicking o…

Shift has been verified by Google

In October of last year, Google [announced new guidelines ][1]for its Gmail API. Applications accessing data via that API had to be verified by Google to ensure compliance with their new privacy and security requirements. Shift uses the Gmail API for authentication, unified search, navigation, and notifications. Many…

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