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Using Emails in Shift (Shift v8)

**Curious about how to add and manage your multiple email accounts in Shift? Or how to access other provider services in Shift? This article is right for you! ** Add any Gmail email that's hosted by Google, or Outlook and Office 365 hosted by Microsoft as accounts in Shift. Then, access your Calendar and Drive serv…

Shift 3.7 - Released 2019-06-13

Shift 3.7 has now been released! This release includes key bug fixes and fewer feature updates. We are working hard behind the scenes to bring a new version of Shift to our users. Many new features are in the works are we are thrilled to be able to offer them soon. **Big projects include (not yet released):** 1. Bro…

OAuth scopes and permissions in Shift

**Wondering why Shift asks for some specific permissions? Find your answers here!** Shift asks for certain permissions or "scopes" so you can use your emails in Shift. This is the OAuth authorization protocol process. When you allow Shift access to these scopes, this provides the Shift desktop application on your com…

What to do if you're having an issue with an email in Shift (v7 Legacy)

If you're experiencing an issue with one of your email accounts in Shift, this is the article for you! In our experience, the following common issues can typically be resolved right away by working your way through our **6 quick and easy troubleshooting tips**. If your issue isn't listed below, fear not! These tips ar…

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