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How to download Shift for Linux

Before downloading, it’s important to note that we recommend you have at least 8Gb or more of RAM on your computer for Shift to run smoothly. At this time, Shift does not support chrome OS, tablets, mobile devices, or laptops in "tablet mode. ## **Download and install** To get started, download Shift directly from …

Shift 5.0.72 - Released 2020-06-29

Shift 5.0.72 has been released to the Stable channel! ## Updates The Shift Settings have been updated. The UI is now more intuitive and organized. [Learn more here!][1] ![][2] To access the new settings click on Options > Settings. ## Bug Fixes **Resolved: **The Shift Icon duplicates on Linux. **Resolved: **T…

How to change your primary monitor

In Shift, the app switcher feature is made to function on your primary monitor. This means, that when you are using the Shift app switcher, you will need Shift open in your primary monitor. If you only use one screen, that will automatically act as your primary monitor. However, if you use multiple monitors or scre…

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