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What to do if you're having an issue with an extension in Shift

Having an issue logging into one of Shift's [**supported extensions**][1]? Don't worry! **We have 5 quick tips** to help you get up and running. Check them out below 👇: ## **1. Make sure you use the extension icon to log into the extension** Always use the extension icon towards the upper right corner to log into yo…

Shift 6.0.50 - Released 2021-01-06

Here at Shift, we are ringing in the New Year by releasing Shift 6.0.50 to the Stable channel. This release will address some key bugs and provide you with a fresh batch of applications to kick-off 2021. ## Features * Workspaces bookmarks bar will appear by default with the link to Shift Support automatically book…

Enabling Spell Check

Spell check helps you identify and correct mistakes in your writing. We offer spell check in over 40 languages in Shift! ## How to Enable Spell Check in Shift 1. Go to 'Options'. 2. Go to ‘Settings’. 3. Click on ‘General’. 4. Click on ‘Spell check’. 5. Enable spell check for any language that you wish …

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