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My team member did not get a Shift for Teams Invite

If your team member isn't getting their invite to join your team, that could be for a few reasons. Have no fear, we are here to help! ### **Step 1: Check to see if you have followed the correct onboarding steps. ** [Click here to read about how to onboard a new team member. ][1] ### **Step 2: Check to see if your …

Shift 6.0

Shift 6.0 is here and it is Shift's biggest update yet! This release is full of new features including Shift's very own Password Manager and performance updates to ensure you can work as efficiently as possible. ## Password Management Shift's Password Manager allows you to securely manage all of your passwords from …

How to Request a Feature

Shift is always growing and evolving. As we change, it’s important to us that we consider our users requests and try to apply them wherever we can! Whether that's a new app or a totally new feature, we love hearing it all. ## How to Request a Feature Requesting a feature is a really simple process. If you'd like to…

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