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Shift 5.0.87 - Released 2020-09-18

A patch release has been launched to the Shift Stable channel (version 5.0.86). Please [check for updates][1] to ensure that you are running the latest version of Shift. # Bug Fixes **Resolved: **Notifications are still being received on Shift Primary email accounts regardless of if notifications are turned off in S…

Shift 5.0.86 - Released 2020-09-16

Shift version 5.0.86 has been released to the Stable channel with a new batch of available applications, exciting updates, and important bug fixes. # Updates * We brought back the ability to close Shift to the System Tray on Windows OS! * Auto-fill can be adjusted when searching in a browser URL in Shift! ### …

Shift 5.0.65 - Released 2020-06-16

Shift 5.0.65 has been released to the Stable channel! ## Introducing, Workspaces 🌟 An entirely new way of using Shift has arrived. Create unique workspaces within Shift. Compartmentalize your apps in Shift to create Workspaces for specific topics. Use Workspaces to collaborate with your colleagues, or plan with f…

Shift 4.0.30 (Patch) - Released 2020-05-13

A patch release has been shipped to the Stable channel (version 4.0.30). ## Bugs **Resolved: **Users experiencing a JavaScript error when downloading will now be able to download Shift. > Note: Other Javascript errors are still present and will be resolved in an upcoming patch release to our Stable channel.

Does Shift have a Beta program?

Shift has three separate channels: Alpha, Beta, and Stable. By default, everyone starts with the stable channel, as that's our live product model. This channel is intended for users who want a pristine experience in Shift. If you are looking for a clean and bug-free experience, Stable is the correct channel for you to…

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