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Blank Page in Slack after Shift 6.0 update

## **Issue Summary 📄** The latest version of Shift brought some big updates and positive changes that have been a long time coming. Unfortunately, this update has also caused a few unexpected issues with Slack users seeing a blank page. This issue results in the messaging component of Slack to be blank, and unusable…

Screen sharing in Slack in Shift

> Slack is only available for Advanced users. Shift supports the web application version of Slack. This means there are some inherent differences in functionality between the Slack web app and the Slack desktop app. The desktop app supports screen sharing, video calling, and voice calling, as well as many other con…

Shift 3.9 - Released 2019-08-07

Shift 3.9 has arrived! Check below for the latest updates and bug fixes. ## Updates ### Shift 4.0 Alpha Channel The Shift 4.0 channel is now available to a select group of our users. If you would like to apply to try out the Alpha channel, refer to [this article here. ][1] ### New Applications The following appl…

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