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Shift 5.0.85 - Released 2020-09-10

Shift 5.0.85 is now on the Stable channel with some exciting features and bug fixes! # Updates Workspaces will now display "Did you know" tips to show useful ways to make the most of Workspaces in Shift. ![][1] # Bug Fixes **Resolved:** Adding and removing email accounts resets your custom account ordering in the…

Shift 3.7 - Released 2019-06-13

Shift 3.7 has now been released! This release includes key bug fixes and fewer feature updates. We are working hard behind the scenes to bring a new version of Shift to our users. Many new features are in the works are we are thrilled to be able to offer them soon. **Big projects include (not yet released):** 1. Bro…

Shift 3.4 (Patch) - Released 2019-02-07

# Bug **Keyboard shortcut bug** Ctrl +Shift + arrow (up and down) is interfering with standard Window shortcuts. **Resolved**: the Ctrl + Shift + up/down arrow has been removed for Window users to prevent this custom shortcut from interfering with standard Windows shortcuts. **Office 365 presents a slim authenti…

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