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Shift 7.1.11 - Released 2021-06-24

Summer has arrived, just in time for our latest and greatest release! Shift version 7.1.11 contains key performance improvements and bug fixes to ensure that you are your most productive self this summer. ☀️ ## **Bugs Fixed 🛠** * Select website backgrounds are replaced by the previous application/website/account t…

What to do if you're having an issue with an extension in Shift

Having an issue logging into one of Shift's [**supported extensions**][1]? Don't worry! **We have 5 quick tips** to help you get up and running. Check them out below 👇: ## **1. Make sure you use the extension icon to log into the extension** Always use the extension icon towards the upper right corner to log into yo…

Using LastPass in Shift

LastPass is a password management tool that saves and auto-fills all your login credentials. Using the **[LastPass][1]** extension helps you quickly log in to all your accounts, without having to manually type in your login information. > **Extensions are available to Advanced Shift users. For more information on upg…

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