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How to set a homepage for an App in Workspaces

If you have Admin or Edit access to a Workspace, you can set a custom page within an app as the homepage. This can save you clicks, and help keep you organized! ## **How to set a homepage for an app in a Workspace** 1. Click into the app within a Workspace you want to set a homepage for 2. Navigate to the page i…

Getting Started with Workspaces

Workspaces are an added organizational and space-saving tool that allows you to focus and streamline your workflow 💥. Use Workspaces to create groupings of your apps and Bookmarks. Organize your Workspaces by function (e.g. social media, banking/finance, task management, planning a home renovation project, etc.), by c…

How to use Bookmarks

You can add Bookmarks to Shift by **[using Shift Workspaces][1]**. Bookmarks aren't yet available outside of Workspaces and there's not yet a way to import your bookmarks from your browser. That said, simply follow our quick tips below and you'll be up and running with all your bookmarks in no time! ⭐ ## **How to add…

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