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All about Notification Badges
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Badge notifications are the red numerical numbers and dots that appear on each item in the Shift sidebar. The badge on your email-connected and standalone Workspaces is the total unread count for your Workspace. You can turn badges off for Apps, Emails, or the entire Workspace. More on this below! 👇


How to turn off badges for a Workspace

If you would not like to see this overall count for a specific Workspace, right-click on the Workspace icon and toggle "Show Workspace Unread Badge" OFF. 



How to turn off badges for certain apps

  1. Right-click on the app in your sidebar and toggle "Show Unread App Badges" ON
  2. If you'd like this unread count to contribute to the total unread count for the Workspace (i.e. the numerical count that appears on the Workspace in the Shift sidebar), toggle "Include in Workspace Unread Count" ON

Note that this will only apply to the specific app instance within the Workspace. Toggling this off on one App Shortcut will not automatically toggle it off on any additional App Shortcuts you've added for that app.



How to adjust unread badges for email

You can choose to exclude unread emails from the total Workspace unread count that appears on the Workspace avatar in your Shift sidebar:


  1. Click on the Workspace
  2. Navigate to your mailbox
  3. Right-click on the mail icon (top right corner beside the calendar and Drive icons)
  4. Toggle "Show App Unread Badge" ON if you'd like to see a little red notification count in the top right corner (this counts the number of unread emails sitting in your inbox)
  5. Toggle "Include in Workspace Unread Count" ON if you'd like unread emails to contribute to the Workspace's total unread count (the numerical badge that appears on the Workspace avatar in your Shift sidebar)


Want to watch a quick demo of managing notification badges in Shift? Check out this video.

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