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All about the Shift v8.4 update
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This release is live on Alpha and Beta v8.4. Click here if you’d like to subscribe to either channel.


Knock knock... Who's there? It's our best version of Shift! Version 8.4, is chock-full of features that are game-changing for the digital workflow. Here's a summary of what's new in the Workspaces release:


  • Workspaces (email-connected): Email-connected Workspaces are linked to a specific email account. When you click that email account icon in your Shift sidebar, you'll see the specific apps, bookmarks, and browser tabs that you have added to that Workspace
  • Workspaces (standalone): Standalone Workspaces are not linked to an email account and consist of apps, bookmarks, and browser tabs.
  • Epic Search: Improvised version of Unified Search from v7, will let you search keywords across Shift
  • Unified Calendar: A special calendar view that combines all your daily calendar events across all your added email-linked Workspaces into one view
  • Bookmark Bars: Create different bookmark bars and toggle between them
  • App Shortcuts: Access your most-used apps across each Workspace
  • Notification Badges: Manage unread notification counts for mailboxes, Workspaces, and apps separately
  • Smart Link-Handling: Shift will automatically detect when a clicked link is related to an app in your setup, and open it in that app (if you choose to)

Alpha users will be the first to access this new release, followed by Beta users a few weeks thereafter. Click here to learn more about the Alpha, Beta, and Stable channels in Shift.

What does the update process look like for v8.4?

The following pop-up will appear in Shift when the update is available. Click "Continue" to enter the new update!



You may see the following caution message about your opened tabs. Click "Continue" to initialize the update.



v7 users will get an additional step before proceeding. As a v7 user, you will get the option to import your existing Workspaces to the new version. The following message will pop-up to your window when the update it available



Click "Import" when you are ready to update. You will have the option to skip this but we recommend importing your old Workspaces and then editing them later. This will be your only chance to import your old v7 Workspaces. If you click "Skip", your old v7 Workspaces will be lost.


The update will begin downloading in the background.



Once the update is complete, you will see a confirmation window. You will have to restart Shift to view the update.




What's next?

Need more help? Get in touch with the Support team anytime!

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