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All about the Unified Calendar
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This release is live on Alpha and Beta v8.4. Click here if you’d like to subscribe to either channel.


Unified Calendar is, as the name suggests, a special calendar view that combines all your calendar events across all your added email-linked Workspaces into one view! The Unified Calendar uses a single view to display all of your events, tasks, meetings, etc... for the current day across all the Google/Microsoft accounts you've added to Shift. Events are color-coded according to the color you've set for the email-linked Workspace and will display the Google/Microsoft profile avatar for whatever email account the event is linked to.



How to open Unified Calendar

To access the Unified Calendar view, long-press on the calendar icon in an email-linked Workspace or use the "Cmd/Ctrl U" keyboard shortcut. The Unified Calendar will slide out from the right-hand side of your screen.



Unified Calendar FAQs

Which calendars does the Unified Calendar display?

Unified Calendar includes all the calendars linked to the Google/Microsoft email accounts added to Shift. Calendars from apps added to the sidebar (e.g. Google Calendar, Apple Mail, Proton) are not included.


Can I pick and choose which calendars the Unified Calendar displays?



How do I know which email account a calendar event is linked to?

Events are color-coded to match whatever color you've set for the respective email account. The event will also display the profile avatar associated with the respective email account. 


Can I edit events directly from the Unified Calendar view?



What happens if I click an event in the Unified Calendar view?

Shift will direct you to the email account the event is linked to. If there is a link associated with the event (e.g. Zoom or Google Meet), the link will open in the respective location.


Can I see a Unified Calendar for the entire week?

No. The Unified Calendar displays events for the current day.


Can I see an all-day event in my Unified Calendar?

No, as Shift does not support it yet. Our team is working to implement this feature soon.


Can I see events from other linked calendars in my Unified Calendar?


What's next?

Have a question? Get in touch with our support team

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