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Opening WhatsApp group chats displays an error page
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Issue Summary 📄

Some users (Windows users especially) are seeing an error page when opening WhatsApp group chats in Shift. It appears as though this is an issue with WhatsApp and Apple OS, as this issue is triggered when accessing group chats containing a media file sent by an iPhone.



Workarounds 💡

Quick but less effective workaround: a hard refresh of Shift (Command Shift R for Mac and Control Shift R for Windows) will bring back WhatsApp, but you can expect to see the error page if you try to access the group chats again.


Slower but more effective workaround: download and revert to an older version of Shift. Please follow the link below and then download the version corresponding to your device (Mac or Windows) and chip architecture (M1 or Intel for Mac users).


Before downloading, ensure you know what your chip architecture is. Learn how to do that, here.


Download links


Status: Fix in progress 👀

Our Development Team is currently investigating a permanent fix for this issue. Check back here for updates and, if you've reached out to us about this, we'll be in touch once a fix is released.


What's next?

Get in touch with Support if you have a question that needs answering

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