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Tips on Optimizing Your Shift Screen
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This article outlines how to customize the appearance of Shift.


1. Change your sidebar size

To change your sidebar size, right-click anywhere on your sidebar and select between Default, Medium, and Large.


Click here for more tips on customizing your sidebar.


2. Show or hide the bookmark bar

You can maximize screen real estate by showing/hiding your bookmark bar:


  • Use the keyboard shortcut to hide/show the bookmark bar (press Ctrl Shift B for Windows or Cmd Shift B for Mac)
  • Go to Options (the gear icon in the upper right) then scroll down to the Show bookmarks bar toggle to select your desired option for showing/hiding the bookmark bar.

Check out this article for more tips on managing bookmarks.


3. Toggle fullscreen mode

You can manage the screen ratio of Shift via keyboard shortcuts. To toggle full-screen mode, click Ctrl+Cmd+F on Mac or F11 on Windows.

What's Next 

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