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All About Alpha and Beta Channels in Shift
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Curious about Alpha and Beta channels? This article outlines who the channels are meant for as well as how to switch between them.


What is the Alpha channel?

The Alpha channel is the place to be if you consider yourself a power user and are more tech-savvy than the average user. Alpha is where you can go to gain access to the newest features as well as the latest bug fixes. So, whether you're anticipating that new feature we've been talking about for a while, or have a nagging bug affecting your workflow you'd like to squash, the Alpha channel might be a good fit.


Keep in mind that the Alpha channel is a testing channel, which means Alpha users have a higher likelihood of coming across other bugs and glitches. 

How to switch to the Alpha channel

  1. Head to our channels download page
  2. Click Alpha on the left-hand side to download the latest Alpha version of Shift 

What is the Beta channel?

The Beta channel is the place to be if you want early access to new features and bug fixes, but do not want to be exposed to the experimental level of Alpha. Releases sit in the Alpha channel for a few weeks before moving to Beta, so you can expect to see fewer bugs and glitches in Beta compared to Alpha. With that said, Beta is still a testing channel so you may come across a glitch here and there.

How to switch to the Beta channel

  1. Head to our channels download page
  2. Click Beta in the center of the screen to download the latest Beta version of Shift 

Can I move between the channels?

Yes! You can switch between the Stable, Beta, and Alpha channels as desired. See below for instructions on how to do so. 👇

Moving back to Beta/Stable on Mac

  1. Navigate to the channel page
  2. Select the channel you'd like to move to
  3. Select the compatibility of your device depending on your chip architecture ("Apple Silicon" or "Intel")
  4. Head to your Downloads folder and double-click the downloaded Shift file and it will expand and put this folder on your desktop
  5. Drag the Shift icon onto the Applications folder
  6. Once it has finished copying, navigate to the Applications folder, locate the Shift icon, and double-click to launch

Moving back to Beta/Stable on Windows

  1. Navigate to the channel page
  2. Select the channel you'd like to move to. The download will initiate automatically.
  3. Once the download is complete, open your download folder and double-click on the Shift file to initiate the installation process
  4. Once installation is complete, Shift will launch automatically

Can I download a previous version of Shift?

No. Older channels are no longer available for download once an updated release is published.


What's next?

Need help? Have questions? Reach out to our support team anytime. 

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