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How to fix display or zoom issues in your Shift
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Are you having issues with your display in Shift? Is your Shift screen not fitting your monitor properly? This article will walk you through some quick steps you can take to resolve common display issues in Shift 🖥

1. Adjust your zoom and font settings in Shift

 Go to Options (lower left) > Settings > Appearance. Scroll down to find the font size and page zoom, then adjust it to your preferences.


2. Refresh your affected apps

  1. Double-click the home page in the upper left corner

  2. Add a second instance of the app to your setup (don't delete the first instance of the app before adding the second one)! See if the display shows up as expected in the second instance after logging in.

3. Refresh your affected email icons

  1. Double-click the email icon towards the upper left corner of your Shift to fully refresh the page
  2. Delete one of your affected emails and add it back

4. Shift Data Reset

A partial or full data reset can be performed at any time with minimal impact. Check out our step-by-step instructions, by operating systems below:

  1. For Mac

  2. For Windows

What's next?

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