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"WebGL isn't supported" error message
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Issue Summary 📄

Some applications will not open projects or attachments, and instead, throw an error message that “WebGL isn’t supported by or is disabled in your browser.” So far, known affected apps include:


  • Figma



Workaround 👀

1. Jump into your Shift settings and ensure the 'Use hardware acceleration when available' setting is toggled ON


Options > Settings > Advanced > System > Use hardware acceleration when available


2. Manually override software rendering


Click into the Shift search bar > enter "chrome://flags/" > enable "Override software rendering list"


3. Ensure page zoom is set to 100%


Options > Settings > Appearance > Page zoom @ 100%


Status: fix request submitted 

A fix request for this issue has been submitted to our Product and Development teams. Check back here for the latest updates. If you've submitted a support ticket for this issue, we'll send you a note as soon as the fix is available for download.

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