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What to do if you are having trouble downloading Shift
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Are you having trouble downloading Shift? Or does it feel like something is stopping the process from happening somewhere along the way? This article will walk through common reasons the download process may get hung up and quick things to try to help get it back on track! 😁


1. Check your antivirus software

Some over-eager antivirus software will sometimes flag Shift as being dangerous in error! Check any built-in or third-party antivirus software you might have installed on your computer, and look for any threat reports for Shift. Mark Shift as safe, if possible, and try downloading once again. You may need to temporarily disable the software to get the download to work.

If you do see any flags, please send over a screenshot to our support team so we can reach out to the provider to help get Shift whitelisted!


2. Check your network or firewall settings

If you have a network or firewall, you may need to allow certain traffic through for Shift to work properly. Check out the whitelisting URLs listed in this article, and adjust your network traffic and firewall settings accordingly!


4. Check your system preferences (Mac users)

Apple has implemented some extra security measures on apps that you download from the internet outside of its app store. Try the steps outlined below:

  1. Open your System Preferences
  2. Go to Security and Privacy
  3. Go to General and click on the lock in the bottom left-hand corner to make changes. You'll see a note that says "Shift was blocked from opening because it is not from an identified developer"
  4. Unlock the lock and "Open Anyway". Then re-lock the lock

5. Make sure you've downloaded the correct version (Mac users)

For Mac users, there is an intel (x64) version and an apple silicon (M1/Arm64) version. The version you need depends on your computer's chip architecture. To check what chip your computer has, please go to the apple logo in the top left-most corner of your screen > About this Mac > Check whether it says "Apple M1" Or "Intel". Choose the Intel version of Shift if you have an intel chip, and choose the apple silicon version if you have an M1 chip. 



What's next?

Still need help? Reach out to our support team! We're always happy to help.


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