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How to remove Sent with Shift
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Wondering how to remove Sent with Shift from your email signature? With a paid Shift subscription, this setting gets turned off automatically (you may just need to refresh your inbox - press Ctrl Shift R or Cmd Shift R on your keyboard to do that). If you're a free user of Shift, Sent with Shift cannot be disabled. Think of this as a small trade for using the software for free. 😊


How can I purchase?

Just click the red Upgrade button in the upper right corner of Shift! Follow our step-by-step instructions here. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are currently accepted as payment methods.


Still seeing Sent with Shift but already have a paid account? Try a hard refresh by pressing Cmd Shift R or Ctrl Shift R on your keyboard. In case that doesn't work, check our quick guide here.


What features do I get with a paid subscription?

In addition to Sent with Shift being turned off, you'll be able to add unlimited Workspaces, apps, Chrome extensions, and more! Check out our full feature comparison guide here.


How much is Shift?

We're glad you asked! Check out our website for all standard pricing. We also have a few discount programs available to you. Apply here. If you're considering Shift for Teams, head here for more information!


What's next?

Check out more resources to help you get started with Shift!

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