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All about file and attachment downloads and uploads in Shift v8
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This article will walk you through everything you need to know about managing file and attachment downloads in Shift v8 and how to upload files into Shift v8. Learn how to change your default download location and saving preferences and how to access your download history.¬†ūüíľ


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How to manage your download settings

  1. Go to Quick Settings (top-right corner of Shift) > Scroll down to Advanced Settings > Downloads
  2. Use this page to manage your default download location and whether or not you'd like to be asked where to save each file before downloading


How to access your downloads history

When you download a file in Shift, items will appear in a completed downloads bar at the bottom of your screen. While you cannot yet click and drag items from this bar, you can open them directly and also navigate to the location on your computer where they were downloaded.


To access your download history, type chrome://downloads/ into the search bar (Omnibox) at the top of Shift.



How to upload files into Shift

To upload a file into Shift, you can use the email or app attachment button (if there is one), or simply click and drag a file from your computer into Shift.

Note: there is a known issue at the moment with dragging files into Shift. Read more about it here.


What's next?

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