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Unified Search & Epic Search (Shift v8)
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Unified Search is being replaced by Epic Search in Shift v8. Epic search will provide the same functionality as Unified Search on v7, with even more options. Epic search pulls from your browsing activity within Shift, allowing you to search for and find what you need when you need it. Continue reading for more details on how Epic Search works, when you can expect to see the first version released in v8, and what's on the roadmap. 🔎


When will Epic Search be available in v8? 

Version 1 of Epic Search is expected to be released sometime in the Summer of 2022. The first version will include search results from your browsing history, recently opened documents, Google search suggestions, and Duck Duck Go Instant Answers (more on that in the How it works section below). Connection to Google and Microsoft APIs to provide search results across your email, calendar, and drives, providing the same functionality as Unified Search in v7, will not be included in v1 of Epic Search but is planned for 2023 (see the Epic Search roadmap below).


How does Epic Search work? 

Epic search is available via the search bar (Omnibox) that's at the top center in Shift v8. When you start typing, Epic Search will query from your browsing history cache, bookmarks you've added, and recently opened documents in your Shift browser. Google search suggestions (via an API connection to Google) along with Instant answers (via an API connection with Duck Duck Go) will also appear in your search results list for added suggestions. In the first iteration of Epic Search, your history is weighted heaviest and will likely be what appears first in the list of suggestions.


Epic Search results include browsing and files you've searched for and opened within Shift. If you regularly use Chrome or another browser to open files and browse, your Epic Search results will be more limited. This is why we always recommend keeping the Open Links in Shift enabled! 


Privacy, Security, & Epic Search 🔑

Epic Search queries and results are not indexed or stored on Shift's servers in any way. Shift's servers, its employees, and its data partners DO NOT have any insight into what you search for or your search results. The only data that is tracked in this regard is how you interact with and use Epic Search (for instance, how many times you searched for something, but not what you actually searched for, or the search results). 


If you use Shift on multiple computers, you can think of each computer having its own Epic Search, since your search and browsing history and recently opened files are stored locally. For that reason, it is expected for your Epic Search results to be different on computer A than on computer B, particularly if you use computer A more.


Epic Search roadmap 🚗

See our high-level plans for Epic Search below!


Epic Search Feature


Unified Search functionality: email, calendar and drive API integration (for Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365 emails) Early 2023
Search result filters and greater control over what appears in suggested results Late 2022
Search result actions (e.g. open in-app, install a suggested app, switch to an  already opened tab, etc.) Mid 2023


What's next?

Check out the full v8 roadmap here.

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