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Primary Shift Account: what it is & how to change it
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This article will walk you through what a Primary Shift Account is, how to determine what account you've signed into Shift with, and how to change your Primary to a different email in Shift. Your Primary Shift Account is the email associated with your Shift account. To access your account, including your paid features, you must log into Shift with the email that's set as your Primary Shift Account. All important account updates, Shift news, and feature announcements will be sent to this email too if you choose to opt-in. 💌


What is a Primary Shift Account?

Your Primary Shift Account is the email that's tied to your Shift account and is the main email you used to sign into Shift. The email you first use to sign into Shift will automatically be set as your Primary. You can use any Gmail/GSuite (hosted by Google) or 365 (hosted by Microsoft, non-exchange accounts) for your Primary. The password you use to sign into Shift is the exact same password you would use to log into your email. There is no separate password for your Shift account!


How to find out what your Primary Shift Account is

Your Primary Shift account will always have the words Primary Shift Account underneath it when you hover your mouse over it in your sidebar. Your Primary account is usually the account at the top of your list (unless you've moved it down):



How to change your Primary Shift Account

Our support team can assist you with any changes you need! To change your Primary, you'll need to create a new, free account using the email you want to set your Primary to. Here's what our support team will also need from you:


  1. The old email that's associated with your Shift subscription
  2. The new email you'd like to transfer your subscription over to (make sure to create a new, free account using this email)
  3. Proof of payment in the form of either the last 4 digits of the credit card used to purchase your subscription or a copy of your receipt
  4. Our team will transfer your subscription over to your new account (your existing account will get deleted in the process)

Please note that during this process, you'll need to set up your Shift account once again. You'll need to add back any emails, apps, and extensions, re-import any desired passwords, bookmarks, and history, as well as reset any Shift settings.


What's next?

Recent domain change or issues changing your Primary Shift Account? Read here.

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