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How to change your Primary Shift Account

Before we dive into this article, a quick understanding of what a Primary Shift Account is can be found here


Changing your Primary Shift Account



  1. Open Shift and click on the Options menu in the bottom left corner of Shift (the 3 dots), then click on the Settings wrench. 

  2. Click on 'Accounts' and find your preferred account.
  3. Right next to the account, you will find the options to change photos, account color, and set the account as primary.
  4. Click on 'Set As Primary Account' and off you go!


Hint: Make sure you have added the email you wish to act as your Primary Shift Account first. 


Note: Only Gmail, Gsuite, Outlook, and Office 365 accounts can be used as the primary Shift email account. We can't support MS Exchange, GoDaddy, Front, etc. as the Primary Shift Account. 



If you haven't already added your desired primary Shift account as an email account in Shift, learn how to do so here



Note: Use the email you switched to (your new Primary Shift Account) to sign into Shift.



I cannot set my email account as Primary Shift Account...what should I do?

When trying to change your Primary Shift Account to a different email, you may get the following message:



This error message means that the email account you are trying to switch to is an existing Primary Shift Account for a different Shift account (i.e. this account is used to sign in to another Shift workstation. Tt cannot be set as a Primary account because it's already in use).


How does this happen?


When you get logged out of Shift and log in with the wrong primary email, you will actually create a new Shift Basic (free) account. Rather than signing in to your Shift account, a new Shift account is created.


If you find yourself in this scenario, get in touch with the Shift support team and we can help you delete this accidentally created extra Shift account.


If you have run into other issues while trying to switch your Primary Shift Account, please reach out to the Shift support team and we'll give you a


To learn how to troubleshoot in Shift, click here.

To reach out to our Customer Support, click here.

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