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Changing your Primary Shift Account
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What is a Primary Shift account? 

Your Primary Shift Account is kind of a big deal. It's used to identify you as the owner of your Shift account.


It gives you access to all of your account settings, on any computer you may want to sign into. All important account updates, Shift news, and feature announcements will be sent here too.


Your Primary Shift Account is the email account (Gmail, Gsuite,, or Office 365) that you use to sign in to your Shift account.


Setting up your Primary Shift Account

When you log into Shift for the first time, you are using your Primary Shift Account. 


This account can be either Gmail, GSuite (hosted by Google) or, Office 365 (hosted by Microsoft)


If you want to use Shift on multiple computers, you must ensure you log into Shift with the same Primary Shift Account.


If you log in with the wrong Primary, Shift will log you in and create a new Shift account using whatever email you logged in with.


How to change your Primary Shift Account

  1. Open Shift and click on the Options (lower-left corner) > Settings > Accounts

  2. Click to expand the account you want to change your Primary Shift Account to, and then "Set As Primary Account"



What's next?

Recent domain change or having other issues changing your Primary Shift Account? Read here.


Need help?

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