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How to set link opening preferences in Shift v8
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Want to have your links open outside of Shift v8 in your default browser? There's a built-in setting that can help you achieve that! This article also explains a known caveat where Google links will always open within Shift, rather than in your default browser. Continue reading for more information! 📑


How to get links to open in your browser

  1. Go to Options (lower left) > Settings > Default browser
  2. Toggle off the switcher next to Open links in Shift

Why do Google links always open in Shift?

Good question! Long story short, Google links are special and the functionality has not yet been added to allow Google things such as docs, sheets, Google meet links, etc. open according to your setting preference. Don't worry, this is on our Development team's radar. Be sure to check back on this article for the latest updates.


What's next?

Check out the Shift v8 product roadmap here.


Check Shift v8 FAQs here.

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