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How do I open a secondary Shift window?
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Wondering how to open a draggable secondary Shift window for a new browsing session, newly composed email, or simply use Shift across more than 1 monitor? Currently, secondary Shift windows cannot be opened in v8 and Shift can be used on one monitor. Don't worry - our team is working on it! 


Future Plans 🔮

Our Product and Development teams are working on bringing secondary windows to Shift so that you can open a new email and other browsing windows in a separate, draggable window that can be used across multiple monitors. This feature is in its early stages. Further updates are expected to be available later this year. For the latest updates, continue checking back on this article, along with our Release Notes.


What's next?

Have an issue or a question you can’t find the answer to? Get in touch with our Support team, here.

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