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Your Primary Shift Account and how to change it (Shift v8)
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What is a Primary Shift account? 

Your Primary Shift Account is the email you used to create your Shift account. The password you use to log into your Shift account is the same as the password you use to log into your email on the web. No need to have to remember another password! All important account updates, Shift news, and feature announcements will be sent here too if you choose to opt-in. 💌


Your Primary Shift Account can be a Gmail email (hosted by Google) or 365 email (hosted by Microsoft, non-exchange accounts).

Make sure you use your correct Primary to log into your Shift account on another computer! Read more about how to use Shift on multiple computers here.


Accidentally signed in using the wrong email? Learn how to sign out of Shift here.


How to change your Primary Shift Account

At the moment, the ability to set your Primary Shift Account isn't yet available in the interface. Worry not, our support team can assist you with any changes you need! To change your Primary, here's what our support team will need from you:

  1. The old email that's associated with your Shift subscription
  2. The new email you'd like to transfer your subscription over to
  3. Proof of payment in the form of either the last 4 digits of the credit card used to purchase your subscription or a copy of your receipt

When you change your Primary Shift account, you'll need to sign out of Shift and sign back in using your new email. When you do this, please note that your data will get cleared. This means the following data will not be saved and you'll need to re-add after logging back in:


  • Added extensions
  • Added Bookmarks
  • Passwords you've saved in the v8 browser
  • Browser settings
  • Open web tabs in Shift

Any of your added emails and apps in your sidebar will remain intact.

What's next?

Recent domain change? Read here.

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