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Switching to the "Legacy" version of Shift if you're a Workspaces user (Shift v8)
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Workspaces are not yet available in Shift v8. Workspaces are expected to make their way into v8, reimagined later this year. If you want to continue using your Workspaces even after Shift v8 is released, you'll need to download v7 Legacy. To access Legacy, you'll need to download it directly via a special link found in this article. 👇


Click here to download the "v7 Legacy" channel


When you download Legacy, your Workspaces will continue to work as they always have. No need to set them up again! Once Workspaces make their way into v8, we'll let you know!


Unsure whether or not you're already on the Legacy channel? Here's how to check:

  1. Options > Settings > General 
  2. Beside "Software updates", select "Check for Updates"
  3. If you're on Legacy, the pop-up will say "You are currently using version v7.2.19-legacy"




What's next?

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Have a question? Get in touch with our Support team, here.

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